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Constant and Never-Ending Improvement

It gives us immense pleasure to introduce the CANI College of Education as an incorporated college. CANI College offers career-related training programs and courses, including:

    • Accounting

    • Artificial Intelligence 
    • Business
    • Calligraphy (Persian)   
    • Cinema
    • Computer
    • Early Childhood Education (ECE)
    • Educational Technology
    • Graphic Design
    • Hairstyle for Men and Women
    • Languages
    • Makeup
    • Music (Persian and Classic)
    • Paint
    • Project Management
    • Software
    • Stock Market  
Philosophically and pragmatically, CANI believes that learning is an endless process and it happens on the basis of knowledge and experiences. Accordingly, CANI strongly develops programs and courses which have their roots in authentic issues and futuristic notions. 

The primary goal of CANI College is to provide opportunities for people to set informed goals for integrating into the domestic market to the international job market. Having this in mind, CANI college uses result-based and competency-oriented approaches to its special curriculums.

CANI College is a learner-centered college specializing in customizable training. Its services include designing and delivering knowledge and competency-based learning programs (distributed and in-class), curriculum and instructional development, e-Learning design, and career development.

Customers of CANI College are mainly located in the Middle East, the Gulf States, and Commonwealth Independent States (CIS), but it delivers training and consultancy services internationally.

CANI’s professional team of instructors and program developers span a diverse range of expertise in

    • Training Managers and Boards Members
    • Training Industry and Business Technical Managers
    • Training and Development Employees
    • General, academic, and work-oriented English programs for adults

Counterpart Companies

CANI College Sub-Division of Art

The Branch Manager: Dr. Javad Mozafari Abrar (Soroush)

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Email: info@canicollege.com

Phone: +1(604) 980-2221


Iran, Sub-Division of Art:

Email: irancanicollege@gmail.com

Phone: +98 (935) 439-9280